Sherlock Gnome

The elemental blooded gnome who finds the most electrifying way to solve issues.


The small Casanova loves to show off his talents to the ladies. Flex

In a recent adventure he acquired a companion. A clockwork gnome servant Doc Wattsen. The urban ranger likes reading, writing, and conversations about engineering details of all sorts. Armed with wits and a gun he is still learning about being free, as Sherlock got him as a reward but as servant, he doesn’t truly remember his old life just that his mentor made him a clockwork before being slain.


One night in a camp with his kin they were attacked by a dire bear. A rain storm was also upon them which did no good either. The small group did what they could but were ravaged by the hungry beast. Sherlock pinned by the bear he was struck by lightning which unlocked his bloodline causing furious energy to shock and kill the beast. After surviving the encounter he return to his people who where also shocked by his abilities.
Banished by his brethren for being to unstable with his new found powers. They asked him “nicely” to go and explore the world.

Sherlock Gnome

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